Parkings in Gandía

Don’t know where to park in Gandía 💬? Find and book your parkings in Gandía, you can use this map of Gandía to locate the car parks in the city ✔.

mapa de parkings de gandía 2022

If you intend to park in the car park of the Centre Històric, the old Serpis, it has the same prices as in the Prado. So 1 euro for 1 hour; 5 euros for 1 day and 55 euros for 1 month. Many shopkeepers in the Historic Centre are running a campaign to encourage the use of the city’s public car parks by giving away tickets to customers who shop in their shops.

So if you are going to visit Gandia we advise you to ask for these tickets as it will be cheaper to park.

Where can I park in Gandía Beach?

If you are looking for parkings 🅿️ where you can leave your car on the beach, I regret to say that there are only two of them, the rest are free, i.e. not guarded.

The first car park is located at the entrance of the promenade Neptuno, in the summer season it is in great demand, parking in the area is almost impossible ❌, so prices go up. This car park has 300 spaces, 6 pedestrian accesses and 1 lift.

Prices from 1 July to 31 August:

  • Price per minute: 0,0335 €.
  • Maximum daily price: 20,10 €.
  • Weekly: 64,78 €.
  • Fortnightly: 109,45 €.
  • Monthly: 173,11 €.

Prices from 01 September to 30 June:

  • Price per minute: 0,0205 €.
  • Maximum daily price: 12,30 €.
  • Monthly: 55,84 €.
  • Quarterly: 134,02 €.
parking 1 Gandia beach

The second car park is located between calle Galicia and calle Cataluña, managed by the same company and the prices are the same as the previous car park. On the other hand, this second car park has 274 spaces, 5 pedestrian accesses and 1 lift. Click on this link to access all the services available in both car parks. 

more car parks in Gandia Beach

Por último, aunque no es un parking como tal, puesto que no puedes dejar el coche y desentenderte, el nuevo parking de Bacarrá (Clot de la Mota) de la playa de Gandía ofrece 360 plazas y el estacionamiento tiene un coste de 1,15 euros la hora con opción máxima de 4 horas de duración y posibilidad de renovación.

Even so, from we always recommend using other more sustainable alternatives such as electric bikes, bicycles or buses!

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