Taxis in Gandía

Taxi stands can be found all over Gandía, but most of them are located next to the train station. Taxis in Gandía offer a 24-hour service. Taxis in Gandia are the most comfortable ✅ way to get to the hotels as they will drop you off at the door and you will not be walking with your suitcase from the bus to the hotel and vice versa. Another advantage of taxis over buses is that they are available all night long.

Where to find the taxi stands in Gandia 🖥

There are several taxi ranks throughout the city, but one place where you are sure to always find a taxi is outside the Gandia train station ✅. The station is located in front of the Gandia tourist information office quite close to the Old University.

Contact information::
Radio Taxi Telephone: 962 84 30 00

Cab fare calculator Gandía

The Gandia cab fare calculator allows you to calculate the approximate cost of a cab ride based on the distance traveled and the estimated time of the trip. You can use the calculator as many times as you want to calculate fares for different trips.

Calculadora de Tarifa de Taxi

Remember that this calculator provides a rough estimate of the cab fare and may vary depending on additional factors, such as special fares, tolls or additional charges that apply in your area. It is a useful tool to get a general idea of the cost of a cab ride before you take it.

Taxi Fares 2024 🔥

The time of day, the day of the week and the route are factors that will vary the price of the journey. In Gandía there are three taxi zones with different prices. To calculate an approximate price for your journey you can check the Gandia taxi fares here.

Daytime (7:00 – 21:00)Nocturnal and festive (21:00 – 7:00)
Minimum fare2,35€2,50€
Working days (municipal district of Gandía)1,09€ / km1,38€ / km
Working days (outside the municipal area of Gandía)1,20€ / km1,40€ / km
Minimum perception4,30€5,40€
Prices of the taxis of Gandia per kilometre in 2024

Download the PideTaxi App 🚖

How do I order a taxi? It has never been so easy, quick and convenient to order a taxi.

  1. Download the application.
  2. Sign up.
  3. Select your payment method (VISA/Taxi).
  4. Set the pick-up location.
  5. Mark the time you want to schedule the pick-up.
App for androidApp for IOS

Agreed prices 💰

The taxi service provides you with an alternative means of transport at competitive prices ✅ for medium and long-distance journeys, especially if the number of passengers is three or four people.

DaytimeNocturnal and festive
Gandía – Valencia AVE101€117€
Gandía – Alacant Airport152€178€
Gandía – Valencia Centre89€103€
Gandía – Denia42€49€
Gandía – Jávea56€66€
Gandía – Benidorm
For other routes/destinations, please consult.
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