Transport in Gandía

Buses and trains are the ideal transportation ✅ to get around Gandia, both inside and outside. Here you will find all the schedules, stops, and phone numbers to make your stay easier. Take advantage of it and avoid the stress of driving and not finding a parking space (in summer, it’s almost impossible, and parking is very expensive). Since it’s a small city, once you are in the city center, it’s easy to explore on foot. We will show you the available alternatives ✔.

la marina gandiense


Private transportation companies’ buses allow travel from Gandia to other Spanish cities. The buses 🚍 are located behind the Gandia train station. The bus companies’ ticket offices are located there. In the front, you will find Gandia’s public buses ✅. On one side, there is La Marina (yellow bus), which travels from Gandia to Playa de Gandia, and on the other side, there is l’Urbanet (green bus), which is responsible for traveling around Gandia.

renfe tren transporte

Trains Gandia Valencia

RENFE commuter trains 🚆 with destination Valencia leave Gandía every 30 minutes. The Renfe station is located next to the bus station. When leaving, in front, you will see the stops of the Marina and l’Urbanet as well as the cab rank. In addition, the Grao de Gandía – Valencia route runs three times a day.

taxi de gandia


Cabs are a way to move quickly around the city. With them apart from the speed of the service you can reach parts that you could not reach with the bus. With the help of Gandia Taxis 🚖 you can move comfortably from the train station to your hotel. For more information and contact numbers click on the button below!

parking Gandía


Save time and find all the parking lots in the city of Gandía thanks to our parking map. Here you will find public and private (paying) parking lots in the city. These are located both in the center and on the outskirts of the city. You can leave your car 🚘 on the outskirts and move around Gandía on foot.

motos eléctricas acciona gandia

Acciona electric motorcycles

If you are a person committed to the environment 🌳 and you like motorcycles, you are in luck! Gandía has thought of all those lovers of electric motorcycles looking for cheap and low cost 🤑! The company Acciona with more than 200 scooters along the beach will provide you with transportation in a simple way.

Frequently asked questions about transportation in Gandía

Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions from users when looking for information about transportation in Gandía:

Gandía has a network of urban buses that covers the city and its surroundings. There are also bus connections with other nearby towns.

You can find information about bus routes and schedules in Gandía in this post. You can also get information at the bus stops or at the tourist information points.

Yes, there are cab services available in Gandia. You can find cab ranks in strategic places of the city, such as the train station, the center or the tourist areas. Cab fares are based on the meter, and the final price will depend on the distance traveled and the travel time.

No, Gandía is not served by private transportation services such as Uber or Lyft. These ridesharing services are not yet available in all cities in Spain, and Gandía is not among the cities where they currently operate.

To get to the beaches of Gandia from the city center, you can use public transport, such as city buses that have routes to the beaches. You can also opt for the use of private vehicles, cabs or even walking if the distance allows it.

From our website we always try to promote sustainable and public transportation, that’s why we will mention the advantages of this kind of transportation compared to private transportation. Remember that it is important to check the updated information about transportation in Gandia, since schedules, fares and services may be subject to change.

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