Transport in Gandía

Buses and trains are the ideal means of transport ✅ to get around Gandía, both inside and outside. Here you will find all the timetables, stops and telephone numbers to make your stay easier. Take advantage of this and avoid the stress of going by car and not finding a parking space (in summer it is almost impossible, and parking is very expensive). Being a small city, once you’re in the city centre it’s easy to get around on foot. We will show you the alternatives available to you ✔.


Buses of private transport companies allow you to travel from Gandía to other Spanish cities. The buses 🚍 are located behind Gandía train station. Here you will find the ticket offices of the bus companies. At the front you will find the public buses of Gandía ✅, on the one hand, the marina (yellow bus), which is the one that makes the route Gandía-Playa de Gandía, and on the other hand, l’Urbanet (green bus), which is in charge of Gandía.

Trains Gandía Valencia

RENFE local trains 🚆 with destination Valencia leave Gandía every 30 minutes. The Renfe station is located next to the bus station. On leaving, opposite, you will see the Marina and l’Urbanet bus stops as well as the taxi rank. In addition, the Grao de Gandía – Valencia route runs three times a day.


Taxis are a way of getting around the city quickly. With them, apart from the speed of the service, you will be able to get to places that you could not get to by bus. With the help of Gandia Taxis 🚖 you can move comfortably from the train station to your hotel. For more information and contact numbers click on the button below!

Acciona electric scooters

If you are a person committed to the environment 🌳 and you like motorbikes, you are in luck! Gandía has thought of all those lovers of electric motorbikes who are looking for cheap and low cost 🤑! The company Acciona, with more than 200 scooters along the beach, will provide you with easy transport.

Ferry to Ibiza

Since the beginning of 2020 the ferry ⛴️ that operated between Gandía and Ibiza has stopped operating, however, we leave you the prices of the alternative routes to go to Ibiza. And, of course, you will see a series of timetables 🕚 in case you decide to use this means of transport to go to Ibiza.

The bicycle

Public bike rentals are a great option if you don’t want to use traditional transport. You can pick up your bike 🚲 at one of the many stations you’ll find in the city or on the beach. Cycling is a healthy and clean way to get around and it’s also very economical.


Save time and find all the car parks in the city of Gandía thanks to our car park map. Here you will find public and private (pay) car parks in the city. These are located both in the city centre and on the outskirts of the city. You can leave your car 🚘 on the outskirts and get around Gandía on foot.

Why should you use public transport and not private transport 🌍?

From our website we always try to promote sustainable and public transport, that is why we will mention the advantages of this type of transport compared to private transport.

  • Firstly, they pollute less than private vehicles. Public transport is the most sustainable option ♻️ for journeys made in the city, as the emission of polluting gases is much lower.
  • Public transport is the ideal option to improve urban mobility and largely avoid traffic jams 📛.
  • Using public transport services are cheaper 🆓 than private ones.
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