Port of Gandia

The route along the port area of Gandía begins on a beautiful pier, a must-visit during your holidays in Valencia. This path extends over the sea, located at the beginning of the beach, and goes from the Ripoll Restaurant to a charming lighthouse that concludes this impressive pier.

amanecer puerto de gandia

With its 1,080 meters of linear route, this pier is equipped with several benches to sit and enjoy the beautiful views. It is especially recommended to enjoy this walk during sunrise or sunset, when the colors and scents of the sea will surprise you. For photography enthusiasts, it is a perfect place to capture spectacular images, and for runners, it offers a wonderful backdrop for their exercise.

faro de gandia

The Gandia Lighthouse is a key point for navigation in the Mediterranean, helping ships to orient themselves near the Valencian coast. But it’s not just useful for sailors; it’s also a cool place to visit. People often go there to enjoy the incredible views and relax in the natural surroundings. Its design and its position right on the coast make it stand out in the landscape and turn it into a very special symbol for the area. Plus, it’s a perfect spot for some amazing photos or just to spend some quiet time looking at the sea.

In addition, there is a special detail on the pier that only locals from Gandia know: as you walk, you will find the Bar El Pesca d’or del Club de Pesca Gandia on your right, an authentic local where you can taste tapas, starters, salads, rice dishes, meats and, of course, fish. It is suggested to call in advance to book a table if you are planning to visit this bar.

Gandia Marina

After enjoying the walk along the Gandía breakwater, you enter the port area. To the north, you will find the Real Club Náutico de Gandía, an iconic and very renowned place in Valencia. This club stands out for its capacity to accommodate up to 400 boats, making it a point of interest for both nautical enthusiasts and visitors.

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puerto deportivo gandia

One of the most rewarding experiences here is the opportunity to enjoy a drink at sunset, watching the sun set between the boats in the harbor, creating a spectacular setting. In addition, the Nautical Club is the starting point of a charming seafront promenade full of options for all tastes: from restaurants with exquisite local gastronomy, bars ideal for social gatherings, to beach bars with a relaxed and coastal atmosphere.

For sea enthusiasts, this area is a true paradise. There are specialized shops in nautical items and rental services of all kinds of boats, such as jet skis, kayaks, quads and classic launches. Whether for visitors looking for a unique experience or for residents who want to enjoy their surroundings, the Gandia Marina offers a perfect combination of leisure, culture and natural beauty.

Moll dels Borja Seafront Promenade

Located between the vibrant Marina and the historic Church of Sant Nicolás, the Moll dels Borja is a lively meeting point in Gandia. Here you will discover an animated area of bars where you can taste delicious tapas while enjoying the views of the port. If you are looking for gastronomic recommendations, do not hesitate to ask for comments; we will share our favorite restaurants in the Port of Gandia, each with its own specialty and charm.

puerto de gandia playa

From the Moll dels Borja, exciting boat tours also depart along the Gandia coast. An unmissable experience is the sunset tour, where, in addition to enjoying a magical atmosphere with spectacular light, you will have the opportunity to taste a delicious white wine accompanied by a ration of fresh mussels from the Gandia Fish Market.

You can book tickets for different nautical experiences such as:

  • A catamaran ride through Gandía at sunset, a perfect opportunity to see how the sky is dyed with vibrant colors as you sail.
  • A catamaran tour along the beautiful Gandia coast, where you can appreciate the natural beauty of the region from a unique perspective.
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In addition, the Moll dels Borja is famous for being the venue for the International Fideuà Contest in Gandia. This annual event attracts chefs from all over the world, who come together to compete for the title of best fideuà, a typical dish of the region that combines pasta with seafood and other local ingredients. This contest is not only a celebration of gastronomy, but also an opportunity to experience the rich culinary culture of Gandia.

The Church of San Nicolás in Gandia

While walking through the Port of Gandia, you will come across the Church of San Nicolás. Its location is privileged, embedded in the heart of the port, and the first thing that will captivate you will be precisely that, its unique location.

To experience the church in all its splendor, I suggest you visit it during the Grau festivities in July. During this time, a traditional seafaring procession is held in honor of the Mare de Déu Blanqueta, an event that combines faith and tradition in a very special way.

Iglesia de San Nicolás de Bari gandia

The Church of San Nicolás, built in 1962, is the work of renowned architects Gonzalo Echegaray, Eduardo Torroja and Joaquín Nadal. It is majestically located on a triangular projection over the sea in the port area, giving the impression of being almost ready to sail. As an icon of modern 20th century religious architecture, this large temple stands out for its independent bell tower, a cloister and an abbey house.

Get ready with your camera, because its trapezoidal design, the six chapels and a modern sequence of exposed concrete porticos are simply spectacular and will leave you impressed.

The Port Warehouses and the Gandia Fish Market

Right across and in front of the Church of San Nicolás, on the other side of the bridge, you will find the historic port warehouses of Gandia. These structures, characterized by their symmetry and harmony, present vaulted naves and a beautiful Clock Tower in their center. They were built in the first third of the 20th century and represent a significant part of the port’s architectural heritage.

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tinglados y muelle pesquero gandia

Inside these warehouses, bay number 15 houses the fascinating Sea Museum, a place full of maritime history and culture. In addition, the Port Authority of Valencia has recently launched an ideas competition to give a new cultural use to the rest of the bays, which at one time served as warehouses for oranges, fish and other products. You can get tickets for a guided tour of this interesting museum and immerse yourself in the local maritime history.

Next to the warehouses is the Gandia Fish Market, a vibrant place where one of the most charming traditions of the Grau seafaring neighborhood is kept alive: the fish auction. Observing this activity gives you an authentic perspective on local life and the importance of the sea in the area’s economy and culture.

The Sea Museum in Gandia

As I mentioned before, bay number 15 of the Gandia Port Warehouses is home to a charming museum dedicated to the rich fishing tradition of the region. The Gandia Sea Museum is a true cultural treasure, where you can explore detailed reproductions of typical fishing boats from Grau, ancient Egyptian sailboats, and historical fishing maps covering the entire Valencia coast.

The jewel in the museum’s crown is the “La flora del Polit” exhibition, which presents more than a hundred reproductions of ancient boats. These works of art are the result of 15 years of dedication by Manolo Estrela, a local fisherman from Grau and a talented artist. His ability to capture the essence of maritime tradition in these miniatures is really impressive.

museo del mar

In addition, to complete your cultural experience in Gandia, I recommend taking a walk through one of the flea markets near the port. These markets are vibrant meeting points where you can immerse yourself in local life, find unique crafts and taste gastronomic delights from the region.

In summary, the Sea Museum is not just a place to admire nautical history, but also a point from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the port area and the beach. The area perfectly combines natural beauty, cultural heritage and a wide range of gastronomic and nautical services, making it a must-see stop for any visitor to Gandia. Here, history intertwines with the present, offering a window into tradition and modern life on the Valencian coast.

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