The best restaurants in Gandía

Every good food lover has his or her aces up his or her sleeve when it comes to information. And a very valuable source of information are the posts because thanks to them you get information about them as well as another view. In the following I will show you the best restaurants in Gandía. By the way, the order doesn’t mean better or worse, I had to put them in some way.

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Finca Limonar Restaurant

Finca Limonar Restaurant is one of the best places in Gandía to taste dishes made with love and passion. The products are perfectly cooked and with a magnificent flavour. In addition, the presentation is very elaborate.

limonar gandia-min restaurant

The staff make this place special because they treat you with love, interest and special attention. They do their job very well and are coordinated so that everything turns out perfectly. They have quality products that will provoke fusions of flavours in your palate. And, a tip, you should always leave room for dessert because they are 10.

Opening hours restaurant Finca Limonar

Saturday11:00–17:00, 20:30–1:00
Sunday11:00–17:00, 20:30–0:30
Wednesday11:00–17:00, 20:30–1:00
Thursday11:00–17:00, 20:30–1:00
Friday11:00–17:00, 20:30–1:00

In general, it is a restaurant with very good value products in a quiet, secluded and well-decorated location.

Location: Passeig de les Germanies, 45, 46702 Gandia, Valencia

SaboreArte Restaurant

SaboreArte is a different kind of place, a place where as soon as you enter you notice that everything is going to be great.

Very attentive staff and well cared for details. As for the food, the flavours are very interesting, bold and deep. They have very tasty dishes (especially the fish) in a menu at a very competitive and affordable price.

saborearte gandia

Nice and quiet place, perfect for dinner with your partner or family. A restaurant to repeat without a doubt.

Opening hours SaboreArte restaurant

Saturday9:00–11:30, 13:00–15:30
Tuesday9:00–11:30, 13:00–15:30
Wednesday9:00–11:30, 13:00–15:30
Thursday9:00–11:30, 13:00–15:30
Friday9:00–11:30, 13:00–15:30

Location: Carrer Rausell, 18, 46702 Gandia, Valencia

Telero Restaurant

Local-Mediterranean food restaurant. Charming place, with very attentive and friendly staff and delicious food. If you want to enjoy the best gastronomic products in the region, this restaurant is the perfect place.


Opening hours Telero restaurant

Saturday13:30–15:00, 20:30–22:00
Tuesday13:30–15:00, 20:30–22:00
Wednesday13:30–15:00, 20:30–22:00
Thursday13:30–15:00, 20:30–22:00
Friday13:30–15:00, 20:30–22:00

Location: Carrer Sant Ponç, 7, 46702 Gandia, Valencia

ROMANOVA Restaurant

The place is very nice, modern, in a pedestrian street, with a terrace and next to a square. Excellent place to eat in Gandía. Very good value for money. Closed menu with several starters, main course and dessert. All very good, without any buts. The service was perfect, very fast and the waiters were very friendly.

romanova gandia-min

Opening hours ROMANOVA restaurant

Saturday13:00–16:00, 20:00–0:00
Thursday13:00–16:00, 20:00–0:00
Friday13:00–16:00, 20:00–0:00

Location: Carrer Rausell, 17, 46702 Gandia, Valencia

Foc i Flames Restaurant

The restaurant specialises in rice dishes. The atmosphere of this place is similar to that of a rustic house but in the centre of Gandía. It is advisable to make a reservation. They have a small dining room and also have tables outside on the terrace. They have a menu for 18€ with 2-3 starters and main course, dessert or coffee. One of the starters is a choice. The rice is very good and just right. The desserts are also homemade. Overall the restaurant is very good. 100% recommendable.

fociflames gandia-min

Opening hours restaurant Foc i Flames


Location: Carrer de l’Hostal, 17, 46702 Gandia, Valencia

5 sentidos Restaurant

A small but cosy place. Its cuisine is original, with quality ingredients and a very good preparation. Although the space does not allow for an extensive menu, you will not be disappointed by the delicious starters, meats and fish on offer, not forgetting the exquisite desserts and the friendly service. Surprising.

5 sentidos restaurant

Opening hours 5 sentidos restaurant

Saturday13:30–15:30, 20:00–22:30
Friday13:30–15:30, 20:00–22:30

Location: Carrer Sant Ponç n9, 46702 Gandia, Valencia

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