Beautiful Villages Near Gandia

Gandia, a jewel of the Valencian Coast, shines not only for its idyllic beaches but also for the picturesque villages that surround it. In this article, we invite you to discover the most beautiful villages near Gandia, each with its own unique charm and traditions that endure over time. While you enjoy your days of … Leer más

The Fallas festival of Gandia

The Fallas festival of Gandia, held annually March 15-19 in honor of Saint Joseph, is much more than just a celebration; it is an explosion of culture, art and tradition that transforms the city into a vibrant canvas of creativity and jubilation. This event, recognized for its uniqueness and magnificence, draws visitors from across Spain … Leer más

Shopping centres and shopping areas in Gandía 🛍️

If this is the first time you come to Gandia and you want to go shopping 🛍️ you should know that Gandia has several shopping centres and shopping areas ✅ where you can do your shopping. The big brands can be found in the shopping centres La Vital, Plaza Mayor and in the Myo Gandía … Leer más

Markets in Gandía, the beach and the region

The flea markets in Gandía and in the region of La Safor are practically a mandatory visit because of their link with Gandía’s culture. In these markets you can find everything from traditional products of the Safor – such as oranges, oil, tiger nuts – to clothing, toys, etc.. In them you can find good … Leer más