If you are thinking of moving around Gandía or Gandía Beach and also do it in an ecological way, in this post we bring you all the information about the new motosharing service that has been implemented in Gandía.

electric motorbikes acciona gandia

Acciona, the company that manages the shared scooter service, has a fleet of 200 electric scooters that are available 24 hours a day and are distributed between the municipalities of Gandía, Playa de Gandía, Daimuz, etc…

The bikes have similar characteristics to the 125cc bikes and have two riding modes using the MODE selector: the Standard mode “S”, you can reach a speed of 50 km/h for city riding; and the Custom riding mode “C”, with which you could reach 80 km/h allowing you to ride in any area of the city including fast roads. All bikes have two seats and two safety helmets in the luggage compartment.

mobility acciona gandia

Acciona also offers the possibility of “pausing” it for up to six hours in case you stop the traffic but still want to keep the scooter reserved. You can start and finish the service in the urban area of Gandía, except in the pedestrian areas of the centre, as well as on the beaches, including Daimuz and the area of Guardamar de la Safor.

How to start riding electric motorbikes?

To start with the service you only have to register on the app or on the website and upload your driving license, which once validated will give you access to the service, you will also have to download the Acciona app which will allow you to locate the bikes and rent them.

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In addition, all motorbikes are two-seaters and include two helmets in the boot along with a health and safety kit.

This security kit contains:

  • A net for the helmet.
  • Wipes for cleaning the contact areas.
  • A hydahol-alcohol gel for before and after use of the vehicle.

In addition, the company will ensure disinfection by cleaning them at night. Thus, the motorbikes can be used from 6:00 am to 2:00 am.

The novelty this year is that they have new rates to offer an even cheaper rental from €0.19/minute, depending on the mode you choose, with no fixed costs and all inclusive: insurance, recharging and maintenance. If you have any problems, don’t worry! They have a 24-hour Customer Service Centre and a free telephone number to resolve any queries or possible incidents.

There are three riding modes, according to the table below, which you can choose by pressing the “Mode” button on the bike. Depending on the mode chosen, a different price per minute will be applied.

  • S: slow mode limited to 50 km/h.
  • C: fast mode limited to 80 km/h.
  • X: fast mode limited to 100 km/h.
S Mode0,19€ per minute
C Mode0,29€ per minute
X Mode0.35€ per minute
Pause0,10€ per minute

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that you can be penalised for misuse of motorbikes. Below, we show you the amount of the most frequent penalties for misuse of motorbikes:

Booking the service more than twice without actually starting the journey150€
Leaving the vehicle without completing the service150€
Driving by a person outside the service200€
Driving the vehicle without valid or current documents150€
Parking in private parking, reserved or restricted access area or off-street parking150€
Notifying a claim more than 3 hours late25€
Do not report a claim more than 24 hours after it has occurred.50€
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Finally, if you don’t like motorbikes or you don’t have a driving license but you want to move around in a sustainable way, you can always go by bike! In this post you will find all the information about bike rental in Gandía!

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